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To do this, the service can send in Special Collection Elements that are equipped with gear that would make Q jealous—umbrellas that unfold to parabolic antennas, satellite transmitters disguised as simple laptops, and lasers that can read conversations by recording the vibrations of windows.And they’re not just bugging hotel rooms in Prague.Immediately after the Talledega rescue in 1991, the reported that the operation began at . M., and the hostages, all prison or immigration employees, were freed.” The Hostage Rescue Team was conceived as an FBI variant of Delta Force, with the intention of performing such specialized missions as rescuing hostages from hijacked planes.“On a videotape made by the Cable News Network, three or four men dressed in dark clothing and who appeared to be holding rifles scurried across the roof of the cellblock. When it was formally proposed in Washington, however, top officials at the Bureau rejected the plan. Notice of Availability for Donation of the Test Craft Ex-SEA SHADOW (IX– 529) and Hughes Mining Barge (HMB– 1). Memorandum from the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs [Scowcroft] to President Ford [disposal of the Glomar Explorer], Washington DC, August 28, 1976. S-HU-0900, December 5, 1972“629 Golf.” Specifications. “Howard Hughes, CIA, and the Incredible Glomar Explorer.” December 1996. Memorandum for the Record, Washington, July 1, 1974. Memorandum for the Record, Operator Matador, 40 Committee Meeting, January 22, 1975. ] Meeting,"March 19, 1975, a.m., Secret, Excised copy, Gerald R. National Security Adviser--Memoranda of Conversation, box 10, March 19, 1975—Ford, Schlesinger, Colby, Buchen, Marsh, Rumsfeld. National Security Adviser, Staff Assistants: Peter W. Source: National Security Council Files, Nixon Administration Intelligence Files, AZORIAN Project. Memorandum for the Record, 40 Committee Meeting in White House Situation Room, June 5,1974. National Security Adviser—Memoranda of Conversation, box 9, February 7, 1975Memorandum of Conversation, "[Jennifer? ASME Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark ceremony, official event program, Houston, TX, July 20, 2006. Sun Shipbuilding invitation for “Family Day, featuring the launching of the Hughes Glomar Explorer.” Sun Hull 661, November 4, 1972.

The SCS is charged with placing high-tech bugs in impossible locations.Their mission is to guard spies, but let’s face it: A Delta guy isn’t going to sit around for long.GRS operations have expanded in recent years to include critical security at drone bases, defending Special Collection Elements in the field, and transporting intelligence assets in combat zones. This is not a job that you take to pad a retirement check.It is a domestic counter-terrorist unit that operates under the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group.Its notable missions include security during the Olympic Games, and rescuing guards from rioting prisons in 19.

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(As does the FBI, CIA, and DIA.) Not every part of the intelligence community, however, has reached such lofty heights as offering lesson plans for schoolteachers. The agency was pivotal during the Cold War, enabling the United States to spy on the Soviet Union using submarines and by tapping undersea communication lines.

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