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As the flame is passed from one of you to the next until it fills this hall, may your love and hopes for the couple be passed with it.

The spreading flame is one of my favorite images from childhood, and watching it move towards us from the back of the church and lighting the unity candle together felt really special.

Our biggest challenge: The biggest challenge was negotiating the differences in cultural assumptions.

Wale and I grew up in the same area with overlapping friend groups.

Please stand, light your candle in turn, and join us in singing "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers.The ceremony was a mix of Yoruba and English, and I wrote more about it here. He likes a very minimalist aesthetic and I love nerdy details, so we chose as a source for a lot of our inspiration.We used a modified version of a quote from this comic for our invitations and programs: "At the edge of the bell curve I found the one for me." Our logo was a normal curve with a small, red heart at the far end, and I threw a normal curve plushie with the quote on the back instead of a bouquet.Our food was from a Mediterranean restaurant we lived near when we first moved to Chicago.We are big dessert people, so we had a dessert buffet: rice pudding from the restaurant, pie from a place in our current neighborhood, and cake from an amazing place that we discovered while planning the wedding (something from our past, present, and possible future.) Tell us about the ceremony: We started with a sample ceremony given to us by our Unitarian minister and adjusted it to work for us.

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  1. After the Reformation St Peters stopped being used for worship and served as a barn during the 18th century. Cedd's ties with Lastingham, where he was buried, and Lindisfarne, where he was raised and trained as a priest, are remembered today in the simple and moving altar within the chapel he founded.