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Looking at Freedom Pop's first two devices, the Freedom Spot and Freedom Stick, each a rebranded Clear product, and thinking back to Clear's own failed Rover service, we have to wonder if the idea is truly viable. Still, it's hard to overestimate the power of "free," and any competition in the cellular data market, particularly LTE, is more than welcome right now.

When Eli Stokols, 36, relocated to Washington from Denver last year to cover the 2016 Republican presidential campaign for Politico, he thought he’d be following Jeb Bush.

But to his shock (and that of other political pundits), he soon found himself immersed in one of the most unexpected campaigns in recent history, that of brazen businessman Donald Trump. In Colorado, I covered the [2012] presidential race from a swing state perspective and had that vantage point. We’ve had to constantly be open to things that we never really thought were possible.

The Southern-California-born, Berkeley-educated former broadcast journalist reflects on his whirlwind beat. When Trump announced and everyone in the newsroom would see him on TV, they would walk by and say, ‘Is that guy still talking? This whole year has been a recalibration of all the things we thought we knew.

There are Democrats who aren’t enamored with either candidate and who look at Trump and say, ‘You know, I don’t really have a problem with him because he’s not a typical Washington establishment conservative.’ It’s counterintuitive that a billionaire from Manhattan would be the blue-collared champion of people in Iowa and Pennsylvania. Both of them are trying to make their campaign a referendum on the other person.

But he has been convincing, at least, in presenting himself as somebody who’s willing to take a sledgehammer to the old order in Washington. And if he’s able to do that better than she is, by making a case against her judgment, by citing some more recent controversies, by making a credible case that she’s a threat to our national security, clearly some people would be receptive to it.

Mind you, Clear sells unlimited Wi MAX for .99 a month.

Should this public beta succeed, though, Freedom Pop doesn't plan to be a Wi MAX salesman for long.

There's also a tier just above free: for .99 a month, the company promises "prioritized data" with speeds of up to 12Mbps down and 1.5Mbps up, with no data caps or throttling.

Stokels tells us plainly: he wants to disrupt the wireless industry, to "commoditize the hell out of it," and that begins with Sprint next year.

Freedom Pop has a five-year agreement with Sprint to provide faster, more reliable LTE service beginning in 2013, and the company plans to offer additional hardware, including i Pad dongles and even a home router, to take advantage of the opportunities.

Washington Life: Did you ever think that you’d be covering a presidential campaign involving Donald Trump? It takes a little while to get your head around the fact that this is a real phenomenon. WL: So, why do you think he connects to the electorate?

ES: People are just disgusted with politics in general.

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