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Just use an open palm and if you like you can lightly grab him or rub him after you’ve hit him.The key is experimenting and seeing what he responds to best.Here are a few examples that hopefully spark even more ideas for you: The first thing you should know about this kinky idea is that some find spanking incredibly hot and arousing, while others don’t enjoy it at all. With that in mind, I hope you’ll at least experiment with it.And here’s a few ways you can do just that…If your man is on top of you during sex or in any position where it’s easy to reach his bum, then you can try spanking him.Using your body on his body – This is the easiest as it doesn’t require any equipment.

With this in mind, here are a few kinky things you can do to your man while he’s blindfolded.Restraints have near limitless possibilities when it comes to kinky sex.Here are some of my favorite ways you can use restraints to spice things up.But if you want to be kinkier, you could also bring him to the basement, garage or even outside if public play is your thing.I talk more about public play later in this kinky ideas article here.

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