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For many people, masturbation is often their first sexual experience.So long as it does not hurt you or anyone else, and is done in private, masturbation is normal and healthy.When you are sexually attracted to someone else, and they are attracted to you, you will usually reach a point where this attraction is expressed physically.For example, you may kiss and cuddle and hold hands, or you may feel each other’s bodies through or beneath your clothes, or stroke or touch each other’s genitals.You may be sexually involved with someone out of curiosity, or because you think it will make you feel good, or bring you closer to the other person.When you are physically sexually involved with someone, it is important that you talk to the other person about what you are doing together.

Boys ejaculate when they have an orgasm and their penis then goes limp.

Sexual involvement with someone else can change how you feel about them and about yourself.

Make sure that they feel happy and comfortable, and that you tell them if you feel uncomfortable or unhappy with the level of physical involvement.

People who are physically attracted may eventually decide to have sexual intercourse.

However, there are lots of ways to be sexual together that do not involve sexual intercourse.

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