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- Princeton ; Oxford : Princeton University Press, cop.

- Vsebina: Machine generated contents note: -- Notes on Contributors Acknowledgements Introduction, Patricia Mac Cormack Part I: New Abolitionist Approaches1. The Animal That Therefore I Am Not: Inhuman Mediations on the Ultimate Degeneration of Bios and Zoe via the Inevitable Process of Phenomenophagism, Charlie Blake7. - Trieste : Deputazione di Storia Patria per la Venezia Giulia, 2014. CROSSINGS ; Scene 2 ; 4 The Border Spectacle ; PART THREE. BORDERLANDS ; 1 Mohammadou and the Migrant-Eaters ; 2 A Game of Risk ; 3 Hunter and Prey ; PART TWO. ; 21 cm Prevod dela: Pierre Ceresole, la passion de la paix 929Ceresole P. SI-ID 565387/1 10 The ANIMAL catalyst : towards ahuman theory / edited by Patricia Mac Cormack.

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