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The major focus of the conference was “Devkota and Myth.” Professor Khagendra Bhattarai, Vice-Chancellor of Pokhara University, inaugurated the conference in his role as Chief Guest. Mohan Prasad Lohani chaired the inaugural session which started with an audition of Devkota’s “Nepali Rastriya Gaan.” There were a total of ten papers presented at the conference: five in Nepali and five in English.

Sirjana Dawadi, Urmila Aryal, Prahlad Pokharel, Bhuvanhari Sigdel, Prabha Bhattarai, Govinda Sharma, Koshraj Neupane and Ram Bahadur Pahadi recited poems written by Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota. Shailendu Prakash Nepal was offered the Devkota Fellowship Award. On top of this, there was a panel discussion on “Devkota’s use of myth.” The panelists were Ananda Sharma and Saurav. Another attraction of the conference was a talk session during which Professor Dr. Ammaraj Joshi spoke on Devkota’s use of language and Devkota’s political consciousness, respectively.

The poem सघन तमिस्राप्रति in the light of Friedrich Novalis (Germany, 18th century) and Saint John of the Cross (Spain, 16th century).

Gyannista Gyawali -- ‘शाकुन्तल’ महाकाव्यमा पौरस्त्य दर्शन Phatik Poudel -- Night Prayer in Devkota's Selected Poems Komal Phuyal -- Structural Error as Poetic Inspiration: Critical Observations of Devkota’s Poems Besides the papers, there were also a public speech by Shailendu Prakash Nepal, a panel discussion, a quiz, and a performance at various intervals.

“Rejection of Body in Devkota’s “Nidrit Bhariya.” Tara Prasad Adhikari. “Modernist Consciousness in Devkota’s Manoranjan Poems.” Meghraj Adhikari.

“Deconstructive Insights in Mahakavi Devkota’s Selected Poems.” Dr. “Exploring the Performative Quality of Devkota’s Selected Poems .” Prabhu Yadav.

Professor Krishna Gautam and Poet Tulsi Diwas too spoke on "Devkota and Ecology" and "Nepli Culture and Dekvota," respectively. Basudev Tripathi was the Chief Guest of the Inaugural Function during which Poet Kali Prasad Risal recited his Hindi translation of Dekota's "Pagal." Poet Manju Kanchuli recited Devkota's original Hindi poem titled "Gardavarawaki Hassi." Dr.

Ammaraj Joshi recited Dekvota's own translation into English of his own poem "Basanta" and Manoj Kumar Humagain recited Devkota's English translation of Bhim Nidhi Tiwari's "Kanpyo Lugaluga Tyo." Shishir Yogi sang two of Devkota's Nepali poems: "Damai Dai" and "Laharko Boli." 3.

Besides paper presentations, there was a panel discussion on the topic "Mahakavi Devkota and the Younger Generation." Bhushan Aryal conducted the panel discussion in which four students, the panelists, expressed their views on Devkota and what he means to them.

Anita Dhungel : Spiritual Equals Masculine: Where Is the Feminine in Devkota’s Bapu and Other Sonnets? Ammaraj Joshi : Water and Civilisation: Dekvota’s “Water” Through Ecopoetic Lense 5. Manfred Treu : Language, Religion, and Interculturality in Early Devkota This was followed by a talk by Professor Krishna Gautam on "Devkota in Language" (भाषामा देवकोटा) Then a panel discussion was held on Devkota's use of Meters ( छन्दकार देवकोटा).

Laxman Bhatta: Construction of Nationhood in Devkota’s Prose Writings 6. The panel coordinator was Professor Sitaram Adhikary and the panelists were Litterateur Bhanubhakta pokharel, Essayist Kamalmani Dikshit and Professor Ghanashyam Kandel. The Fourth Annual Conference of DSRC was held at Padma Kannya Campus, Bagbazar from June 11-12, 2011 (corresponding to Jestha 28-29, 2068).

Shankar Raj Pant, also a neighbor of Mahakavi Devkota, inaugurated the conference and gave highlighted the life and works of the poet.

“Aging Body: The Forbidden Territory in Devkota’s Selected Texts.” Shraddha pokhrel.

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