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’s last good season is a well-worn game for its fans.(I’d say it’s the show’s sixth.) Yet there’s something undeniably satisfying about this season-nine episode, in which the many, many hints we’ve gotten about the Mother (Cristin Milioti) over the years — the yellow umbrella, the bass guitar, the first day of econ class — are finally threaded into a cohesive story.

was built on optimism and happy endings, it always did disappointments exceedingly well.Like so many installments, it begins with the goofiest of premises — in this case, Barney being called “Swarley” at a coffee shop — and ends with the friends appreciating their bonds in whole new ways.’s best gags ever — “Robin Sparkles” and the titular slap bet — this is the show at its fastest and funniest.Ted also tells them of the many close calls the two of them had in meeting, including when she, as an economics student who wanted to end world poverty, was in the classroom he thought was his classroom for his very first day as an architecture professor, and how she became roommates with Cindy, a woman who he ended up dating. Toward the end of the episode, right after the mother goes outside to pray for advice from her ex-boyfriend who had passed away, the piano melody quotes The Cure's "Just Like Heaven." This was also the end credit song for the very first episode of the series.See more » The sheer perfection of the writers and the director was showcased in this episode.

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This day was their mother's twenty-first birthday, the day her then boyfriend Max, who was the love of her life and the one and only person she thought she would ever love, died.

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