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Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

Blushing, she answered, "Maybe you are irresistible." I seriously doubt if I am anything close to being irresistible. That isn't something that straight girls do to other girls. We both experienced powerful orgasms before her dad interrupted us. I love talking about masturbation, almost as much as I love doing it. April was telling everyone about how drunk everyone got yesterday during the gathering. April didn't mention anything that indicted what we had done to each other in her bed. It seemed to me like there were more people than every there! April and I didn't drink any booze, but we ate lots of food. That night, as we lay next to each other, we put our arms around each other. We were both wet & sweaty from sexually frustrated. When we got outside, we lifted our t-shirts, squatted down, and began to piss. I also have a full bush, but I keep it well trimmed.

I asked her, "if you are straight, then what was last night about? She told me that she is straight, yet she brought herself to orgasm by grinding her very wet pussy against me. I was trying to get her to open-up on that subject so that I could ask her some masturbation questions. Soon, we were both wet with arousal as we rubbed our pussies against each other's thigh. When ever we humped each other hard enough to achieve orgasm, her stupid bed creaked loudly. At about one o'clock in the morning, I got up to piss. We had to step over people who were sleeping on the floor. I couldn't hold my pee another second, so we went outside to pee. I could see that she was looking at my cunt as I pissed.

I used a washcloth on my pussy with warm soapy water.

As soon as we got into bed, we held each other really tight.

Teasing me, she kind-of turned her head to avoid my kiss. When I finally got my mouth on her mouth, she totally kissed me. We did not need her dad, charging into her room, like he did last night.

A few months ago, I got an email from the little sister of a girl I know. Her family was having a huge gathering over the weekend to celebrate her high school graduation. I did not realize that she had such a large family. I wanted too sleep completely nude like I do at home, but there were to many people in her house. I awaken to feel her slowly grinding her pussy against my ass. It really surprised me to wake and find her grinding herself against me. It had been way to long since I've shared myself sexually with anyone. I could feel my wetness flowing out of my cunt onto her. I was to turned-on to think about how much of our wetness was getting onto the seat. " April slid off of me as her dad walked through her bedroom door. If you're fucking around with April, I'm going to break both your legs! When I finished pissing, her hand made it's way to my cunt. I wanted to know how often she masturbated and what technique she liked. We spent the day hanging-out with some of her friends. I knew she wanted to keep that a secret from her friends. I knew that she could easily see my aroused pussy lips as well as my swollen clitoral hood. I stayed squatted down and allowed her gentle fingers to explore my most intimate secrets.

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