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We show that, when the number of levels of the iterated (U|U V) construction tends to infinity, we attain the capacity of any discrete symmetric channel.Moreover the error probability decays quasi-exponentially with the codelength in the case of Reed-Solomon code constituents and exponentially with Tsfasman-Vladuts-Zink code constituents.While a recent construction by Calis and Koyluoglu generates $(r;s)$ PMDS codes for all $r$ and $s$, its field size is exponentially large.In this paper, a family of PMDS codes with field size $\mathcal\left( \max\^s \right)$ is presented.The thresholds obtained from the DE indicate that the TC ensembles from the unified ensemble have similar asymptotic behavior to the original TC ensembles.The capacity of two semi-deterministic channels with the presence of non-causal channel state information (CSI) is characterized.We demonstrate the strength of our technique by proving the TM-MDS conjecture for the cases where the number of rows ($m$) of $M$ is upper bounded by $.For this class of special cases of $M$ where the only additional constraint is on $m$, only cases with $m\leq 4$ were previously proven theoretically, and the previously used proof techniques are not applicable to cases with $m In this paper we propose a woven block code construction based on two convolutional outer codes and a single inner code.

In this work, we present a variation of the cooperative-bin-forward scheme that achieves capacity for non-causal CSI.

The bin index of the deterministic output is selected by the transmitter, such that the relay's transmission is coordinated with the states.

This coding scheme also applies for the MAC with partial cribbing and non-causal CSI at one transmitter and receiver.

The cooperative-bin-forward is a coding scheme that establishes cooperation based on random bins.

The deterministic output is mapped into bins, and the relay chooses the transmission sequence based the bin index.

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We proved lower and upper bounds on this construction's code distance.

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