Dealing with intimidating employees

In one of those 1965 references he says: Elsewhere, that same month in 65 he is more specific, listing the following as “High Crimes/Suppressive Acts” (ie those that result in one being declared “SP”).Any of these will cause you to be named an enemy of scientology.The other from that date is titled INTELLIGENCE PRINCIPLES.It goes into more detail about HOW to go about costing someone their job and gives this example.NOTE: Intelligence in these regards is not feeding PR and Legal as the only fruit of its endeavors.It is OPERATING INDEPENDENTLY of these two functions with ITS OWN PRODUCT: I. A DISMISSED ATTACKER or its secondary product: a totally restrained and muzzled attacker.Over and over we prove this.” And understand, this includes the wife who complains about her husband attending a Scientology group.

They were asked to provide various people to be interviewed, or in the end, anyone they wished. You can predict them to soon begin whining “the show is bigoted, they didn’t even include our side of the story” once they are certain the deadline has passed for their participation.

Old Aunt Ermiltrude who criticizes scientology does so because she fears being found out for taking the money from your change purse – that evil old hag. Those who are not scientologists are (even though according to Hubbard everyone is an immortal spiritual being? The superiority of scientologists is a given in Hubbard’s writings. Here is the underpinning of Fair Game, the reason you can do anything to those who “oppose scientology” (because of course, they are opposed to man’s salvation): “Now get this as a technical fact. Every time we have investigated the background of a critic of scientology we have found crimes for which that person or group could be imprisoned under existing law.

We do not find critics of Scientology who do not have criminal pasts.

The first is called COUNTER ATTACK TACTICS (in Hubbard’s writings, criticism is not only unfounded, it is an attack).

Here are some pertinent sections where Hubbard lays out what he expects of the Intelligence Bureau (Ideal Scene), his direction on how to remove these enemies (Bright Idea) and his “laws” on the subject (Evolved Operating Principles) and then the steps to take (Plan).

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  2. The woman’s marriage did not survive this event; the man’s, so far, has, although his governorship is now twisting in the political winds, mostly (since the woman has never complained about his behavior) over the recording memorializing what sounds an awful lot like a blackmail threat.