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Obraz „Jesteś Bogiem" – powstał w studiu Kadr, które ma na koncie takie produkcje, jak „Baby są jakieś inne”, „Sala samobójców” i nagrodzony Złotymi Lwami „Rewers”.

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According to Porter, generic strategies— when an organization chooses only one—provides the organization with the ability to achieve competitive advantages and outperform their competitors.

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Nosio je narodnu nošnju, najljepšu i najživopisniju na svijetu.

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Sounds like a few one-off stories collected together to give you a taste of what’s to come from this new X-Force. DC cheats on his first love and gives us his take on Marvel’s flagship franchise with 3 different stories featuring Earth’s mightiest heroes. They’re also doing this with two volumes of Aquaman.