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"of or pertaining to a road or journey" ( Facciolati and Forcellini, "Lexicon").

Thus in Plautus (Bacch., 1, 1, 61) we read that Bacchis had a supper prepared for his sister who was about to go on a journey: "Ego sorori meæ coenam hodie dare volo viaticam", and (Capt.

In case of extreme necessity the priest may even omit the "Misereatur" and the following, and give Communion immediately.

In these cases the prayers which were omitted are not supplied afterwards, even though the state of the sick person should allow this.

The obligation in the latter case is not clear, as the previous Communion in all probability satisfies the Divine law (Slater II, v, 1; Lehmkuhl, II, n. At present Viaticum is administered, at least on the Latin Church, under the form of bread only.

Things to be prepared.-(a) By the priest.-The pyx, a small corporal, and a purificator in small burse, a white (even on Good Friday ) stole, and a Ritual.

It is a very probable opinion that Communion may be administered the next day, and even every day, and while the danger continues the form should always be "Accipe frater" (O'Kane, op. If difficulty is experienced in swallowing the Host on account of the parched condition of the throat, a little water may be given to the sick person before he receives Holy Communion, or the Host may be placed in some wine or water in a spoon or a little wine or water may be given immediately after receiving the Host.

If the danger of death be imminent, but the person be able to receive, all the prayers, as far as the "Misereatur", may be omitted.

The priest then goes to the table, genuflects, and uncovers the pyx, and the communion-cloth or napkin is adjusted under the chin of the sick person who recites the "Confiteor", if he be able; if not, it is said in his name by one of the bystanders, or, when there is no one able to do this, by the priest himself.

The "Ecce Agnus Dei " and the "Domine non sum dignus" are said as prescribed for the ordinary Communion in the church. Instead of the "Corpus Domini", the form "Accipe frater (soror)" etc.

The sick person should say the "Domine non sum dignus" with the priest, at least once, in a low tone (Rit. is used, whether the sick person is fasting or not, for it is always used when the sick person is in probable danger of death.

In case of necessity a deacon my be delegated, and if the necessity be urgent this delegation need not be waited for (Lehmkuhl, II, 135). Menard, in his notes on the "Gregorian Sacramentary" says that it contained two separate forms for the administration of Viaticum, "Corpus Domini nostri Jesu Christi custodiat te in vitam æternam" and "Sanguis Domini nostri Jesu Christi redimat te in vitam æternam".

All, even children who have reached the age of reason (Decr., "Quam singulari", præscriptio VIII, 8 Aug., 1910), are bound by Divine precept to receive the Viaticum when they are in danger of death, according to the opinion of theologians and the rule of the Church ; though it is disputed whether one who is now in danger of death and who has within the last few days received Holy Communion is so bound by Divine precept. Liguori says that according to the more probable opinion the obligation exists (VI, n. Sometimes the Host was dipped into the Precious Blood , as is evident from many ancient Rituals, and the Council of Tours prescribes "Sacra oblatio (Host) intincta debet esse in Sanguine Christi, ut veraciter presbyter possit dicere-Corpus et Sanguis Domini proficiat tibi" ( Martène, ibid. Although anciently it was the custom to receive Holy Communion during Mass under both species (also Viaticum after Mass), yet it was never believed that those who communicated under the species of bread only did not receive, whole and entire, the Body and Blood of Christ.

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