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That's certainly possible, even likely, with apps developed for Windows 8 and sold through Microsoft's app store. Meanwhile, anyone want to take bets on when the first Flash 11 update will arrive?

The plugin check page says that Adobe Flash Player is vulnerable and I need to update it.

So what are the alternatives to this tedious process for consumers and small businesses?

Give me an updater that works like Windows Update, where I give it permission in advance to download and install updates as soon as they're available.

- the download link in philipp's post takes you to a page which does not appear to have

But when you click on Windows Plugin-based browsers Download EXE Installer, it downloads .296, not .287 (and due to vague file naming you can't even know that till after you install it). Firefox Plugin Check says that is vulnerable and needs to be updated.

All of the following updates are for Windows; you'll find minor variations in version numbers and release dates if you look at other platforms, although the general timeline is the same. By my count, the Flash Player for Windows has been updated 17 times in the 16 months since Flash Player 10.1 was officially released.

The pace has picked up this year, with 13 individual updates in the past eight months alone. (One noteworthy exception is the May 31 update to version, which fixed a horrible bug with Internet Explorer 9 and hardware-accelerated graphics.) Several of them were released to address zero-day vulnerabilities that were being used in targeted attacks by malware authors.

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