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The company was founded by Hoe San Tan and Yi Ru Fan in August 2008 and is headquartered in Singapore.Tronco Chair Run Tables Plex Lounge Seating Tubo Chair Branca Stool Locale Office Locale Tables Radice Stool Wireframe Sofa Aluminium Chair Branca Chair Branca Table Enchord Table Table, Bench, Chair Low Sofa Sofa & Bed Doorstopper Design Museum Droog Elephant & Coral Epson Established & Sons Herman Miller Hitachi Idea Issey Miyake Jersey Pottery Kitchen Aid La Cie Louis Vuitton Margaret Howell Mattiazzi Muji Nava Oluce Taylor's Eye Witness Toluca Tectona Yamaha Wallpaper Wastberg Metropolis Magazine, 2009 Joining the office of Industrial Facility requires certain qualities beyond a design education. Interns should ideally be in full-time education, with a school to return to.We work with international companies of all sizes in a wide ranging set of industries, from tableware & kitchen products to furniture and lighting, electronics and appliance design.Recently, we have also found ourselves tackling projects for interiors, public furniture, medical devices and exhibitions.

Clients value our deeper contribution to their design and business thinking and often incorporate resultant project directions into their broader future.

All texts within pdfs are the copyright of Industrial Facility or their relevant authors where indicated.

“Their designs fulfill needs that are culturally specific.” ICON magazine, August 2008 Industrial Facility was formed in 2002 to explore the junction between industrial design and the world around us.

The office was given its sixth i F Hanover Gold Award in 2015 and won the Designs of the Year award for Furniture in 2011, alongside being nominated for the Prince Philip Prize.

Biography Working with Industrial Facility is straight forward.

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We are a friendly provincial firm operating from a classic listed building dating back to circa 1600. There are several other public car parks situated nearby.

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